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If you are frustrated, feeling stuck in your career, and looking for a way out, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Career Advancement Mastery where you can discover tools and proven strategies for unleashing your brilliance and advancing your career! Career Advancement Mastery was started by Cathy Archer after observing the many frustrated, yet talented and skilled individuals working in her clients’ offices.  She felt compelled to help individuals like them to gain more respect and appreciation at work, be seen as invaluable by top executives, and exceed in ways never dreamed possible.


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Why Us?

Having experienced the same sense of frustration and feeling stuck in her own career, Career Advancement Mastery trainer, Cathy Archer, accidentally discovered strategies that she used to advance her career and received multiple offers of promotion in almost every job situation. As a result of her discoveries, she has developed programs and tools with these strategies to help individuals struggling to climb the corporate ladder stand out from the crowd at work and skyrocket their careers. With a bachelor’s in Psychology, a masters in Human Resources Development & Administration, and knowledge of the way executives think (from her Organization Development consulting) Cathy is uniquely qualified to offer such training to those looking to get promoted faster.